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The new Xeaxx Xeaxx (pronounced “Heavy Seals”) 7-inch!

This is not a lathe, just a good old hifi sounding vinyl record. Xeaxx Xeaxx is a musique concrete unit featuring John Wiese & Brace Paine. In 15 years Xeaxx Xeaxx have released one CDEP on Troniks and one 7-inch on Fast Weapons and played two shows (one in the bathroom at The Smell and I can’t recall where the other one was, but involved us both trying to get into a sleeping bag with some microphones)… 15 years later we have a new 7-inch! Maybe we will do an LP in 2048? For this recording Brace Paine played a prepared 12 string acoustic guitar & John Wiese did the electronics and manipulations. No Town #102

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