THE NEW BLOCKADERS + K2 – Kyomu-No-Ne LP (Limited Edition)


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These 2 heavyweights and veterans of the harsh noise genre come together once again to deliver 3 tracks of junk noise nihilism. Titled “Kyomu-No-Ne” in Japanese, it loosely translates to the philosophical phrase “The Sound of Nihilism”.
The complex mosaic of harsh frequencies stack and pile on each other relentlessly, detailing the richness of sound through crazed electronics and effects device manipulation. Organic sound elements get deconstructed and regurgitated in a firework display of grating metal bashing, and nails-across-the-blackboard screeches drowned by analog feedback. This is an album displaying an audio environment of heavily layered textures and complex junk electronics overdrive.
It is also highly significant that GX Jupitter-Larsen (of The Haters) contributes to the release with his trademark splatter artwork, considering the close working relationships between these 3 established noise artists.

– Limited Edition (50 Copies come with Recycled Black Plastic Sleeve & No’d A4 Artwork)

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