TERROR CELL UNIT – God Took Everything Away From Us So Now We Will Take Away Everything From You LP


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Since 2014, the Oakland, California based duo of Mackenzie Chami and Sam Torres have been operating as the underground power electronics force known as Terror Cell Unit. ‘God Took Everything…’ stands as Terror Cell Unit’s darkest and most experimental material to date. While remaining confrontational in traditional form, these four tracks explore the bleakest of electronic territories, which quickly unfold into oppressive and suffocating waves of sub-static pulses as a reminder that every beginning starts with an end. This is the eulogy for the shared inner-dread and self-antagonism that tormented Chami and Torres during the writing of this album, though the ghosts remain, never to be at rest.

4 tracks. Presented in a offset printed 3mm spine jacket + 4-page stapled and hand-trimmed XEROX booklet insert.

Mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin
Lacquer cut by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Audio
Pressed at New Orleans Record Press

Inner collages by Sam Torres and Mackenzie Chami
Photography by Kenny Burrell
Cover Illustration source by William Blake
Art Direction/Design by Kevin Gan Yuen

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