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While it’s relatively easy to refer to Sandy Ewen’s use of guitar as unconventional or abstract, the true nature of her work is much more exploratory in nature. Without relying on the use of effects or looping, the instrument itself functions as a canvas for Ewen’s ever-evolving arsenal of objects and ever-expanding techniques. Ewen has collaborated and performed with everyone from Henry Kaiser to Roscoe Mitchell, from Jaap Blonk to Lydia Lunch, from Keith Rowe to Tamio Shiraishi, from Damon Smith to Id M Theft Able, from To Carter to Weasel Walter, the list feels endless. Ewen’s drive to create and perform is rivaled by few, and a healthy body of releases documents much of her work in both solo and group settings. However, “You Win”, represents her first solo appearance on the full length, vinyl format.

Ewen has created a series of videos that coincide with this LP:

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