NICK MOTT – The Fall of the Human Empire LP + Art Booklet


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The very latest work from Nick Mott, formerly of Volcano The Bear, and since then given to exploring those avenues afforded by the kinda electronic composition which assumes shapes at once abstract, darkly psychedelic and downright twisted as it morphs through an inner space wormhole of its own making. Of The Fall of the Human Empire Nick says:
“The deliberately grandiose title of The Fall of The Human Empire arrived serendipitously during the making of a large body of collages which are all loosely based on the fact that we don’t have much time before Earth becomes unable to sustain all animal life and how the Anthropocene has pushed an entire planet teeming with life to near extinction in just a few decades. Around the same time I started working on the album and decided that both the audio and visual worlds existed together. The music is comprised exclusively of material I had been gathering and recording over the last few years, and which existed only as raw material and part-sketches. The music and sound was recorded in Cornwall, Berlin, Dubai and Beijing, yet when I started collaging, editing and layering the various pieces they came together like they had all been conceived as a complete album from the beginning. There are very few actual instruments on the album. The performers are myself, the niece of a friend, and a blind, lonely pig called Cerdi.”

This set is strictly limited to 100 and will be packaged in a sleeve housing both the booklet and LP, alongside an extra print.

Listen to ‘Pool of All Life’ from the LP on the Fourth Dimension YouTube channel here:

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