LIMBS BIN – One Happy World LP


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“Kings of Drugs proclaim H.Sap insane as daylight radio waves fade. Survivors of Syrian Wars tell of video kiosks with torture tapes worldwide copyright Police Operational Arts. Lo! King One live-streaming nieces / nephews turning cartwheels in staged gymnastics shows on the bloodied lawn. Likes to feel the heaviness of smoke in his lungs but not six months from now will hang in pieces from that tree. King Two, acting head of Teardrop Imports, rents an event space for private performances of his play BLOOD CATCHER actors using voice-altering machines and wearing black leather masks. K3 is guest of honour that night and is gifted Russian night vision goggles to enjoy the more obscure aspects of the evening’s spectacle. His brother K4 provides the soundtrack: loops of screaming business leaders shotgunned on golf courses, backs blown out across glorious green verdant landscapes. The Final King, the Irredentist, AKA The Grey Shadow Waiting, sees the spirals of guts spilling out and dreams instead of dusk like lead and stars out above the ocean. Towers of white clouds. The plan and the means. – Philip Best”

LP with 24″ x 36″ poster style jacket with insert.

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