KOUFAR – Middle Eastern Promises 2LP (bent corner)


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The official follow up album to Lebanon for Lebanese, Middle Eastern Promises is the next stage for a grand declaration of Koufar’s greatest and most true enemies…westerners. Particularly American westerners. This album plays out much like a book, offering advice on the survival of an eastern Catholic Worthy Oriental Gentlemen living in a western world. Devoid of any and all politics, this album showcases true eastern anger, fury, and dedication at its finest. From its outrage over the western lie of colourism, its disgust of western catholic heretics thinking that me and my people share a common “faith”, to the final promise of death, Allah, and the games eastern men were born for. MEP delivers sonics yet to be heard and a message so purely unique within the Industrial/Power Electronics realm that any influence or “worship” cannot be found. Features a contribution by The Vomit Arsonist. Mastered by Arthur Rizk.

Every forked tongue plucked out, every slanderous mouth muted. May the eyes of my enemies never rest!
-Alexandre Chami

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