HERUKRAT – Darkness Over Najaf LP


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This album marks years of evolution of Herukrat’s sound from a more basic harsh noise to pulsing power electronics, while continuing the tradition of heavy sampling and up-front and powerful vocals. For me this album is conceptual in two parts, first and most obvious is the focus on the United States Invasion of Iraq in 2003. I vividly remember being 12 years old and becoming captivated during the night of March 19th and the morning of March 20th, watching airstrikes hit Baghdad live on television. I couldn’t accurately wrap my mind around what I was witnessing and the incredible anxiety it left me with. This album is the results of many years of study on Iraq and the complex and passionate ties between it and the US through warfare, while at the same time offering a further glimpse into my relationship with Islam. I converted in 2014, during the time I was recording the first Herukrat full-length, “I Bear Witness”. This album directly acts as a follow-up in many ways, with a majority of the tracks first being recorded in 2016 in the real developmental years of my own spirituality, and all the personal battles one faces while going through such a formative time. Mastered by Grant Richardson Gnawed. Edition of 199 in pro-printed covers.

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