ATRAX MORGUE – M. Nothing was Atrax Morgue: Malaplacenta 7”


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Those tracks was part of an idea and project elaborated by MUZAKILLER FOUNDATION in 2007 and are among the very last Marco’s recordings shortly before his suicide and because of this the project was put aside.
Now, with the precious help of MUZAKILLER and Devis G. (Teatro Satanico / Lunus) who also took care of final mastering, those two little treasures of best Italian death-Industrial & old school P/E are finally going to be released on good and solid black vinyl.
Limited edition of 300 copies.

The two tracks included in this single are completing a project focused on the presentation of pathological patterns that may occur in a Mather-Son relationship.
The idea takes shape at the dawn of the new millennium in the minds of some members of MUZAKILLER FOUNDATION starting with the reading of some forensic criminology texts, true-crime literature, as well as crazy reports from the controversial “Hate-Zines” published in USA In the early 1990s.
Thanks to the fundamental contribution of two of the major composers of the Italian Industrial area, Marco Corbelli and Devis Granziera, a confused agglomeration of textual and sound materials was elaborated into the definitive form of a bipolar contrast between the explosive manias of a reluctant mother and the depressed lament of a son corrupted by the hate of the mother.

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