KATO DAVID HOPKINS – “Rumors of Noizu: Hijokaidan and the Road to 2nd Damascus” Book


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Our latest book is a micro-history of the origins of Japan’s pure noizu underground, focusing especially on Hijokaidan. The result of extensive interviews with participants and witnesses, it may have you searching for rare noise releases to damage your ears with. Starting with the discovery of the fun of improvisation by a bunch of young students, things gradually got out of hand before settling down to the genre known today as noizu.

Many critics have discussed the genre of noizu as a strange subculture arising in a strange place, Japan. In this book, Noizu is discussed as a natural organic expression arising in a country full of experimental culture. Tracing the earliest stirrings of noizu in various places, this micro-history, based on extensive interviews with participants and witnesses, will provide context to make sense of something that intentionally has no meaning.

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