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After a couple of years out of print, Thomas Moore’s stone-cold classic “Skeleton Costumes” returns with a new printing.

Thomas Moore’s stunning 2014 book “Skeleton Costumes” saw the writer’s work stripped down to its most raw and effecting form yet. Now “Skeleton Costumes” returns with a new printing of its 2015 expanded edition which includes an additional 30 poems in the form of a haunting new section titled “No One Will Ever Find You”. Skinned of any extraneous flesh, the simplicity of these pieces bely their emotional impact and visceral depth. These short stabs and sharp explosions of verse accumulate to create an unconventional and, at times, harrowing narrative that investigates fear, lust and an abandonment of moral codes.

192 pages, paperback.


“In his latest poetry collection, ‘Skeleton Costumes’, Thomas Moore takes the hideously beautiful and stretches it out into a pockmarked skin that enfolds his reflections on death, loneliness, fear and alienation. Like his lapidary 2011 novella, ‘Graves’, this new work is mostly populated by desperate youths who find themselves violently exploited by predatory adults or who are determined to end their own lives in grisly and courageous ways. ‘Skeleton Costumes’ is slighter and much more intense than the earlier work however, comprising 151 evocative haikus — tiny, delicate, and evanescent as eyelashes that appear unannounced on bright white pages.” — Diarmuid Hester, Full Stop

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