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“I’m writing this instead of killing myself” states the narrator of Forever, Thomas Moore’s most compelling novel yet. A young man travels alone to Paris, to see out his days in painful reflection and sexual abandon until the money inevitably runs out.

By turns hauntingly elegiac and viscerally brutal, Moore charts with forensic precision the topographies of violence and self-harm that flourish within the dehumanised environment of predatory global capitalism.

Unflinchingly crafted in exquisite prose, Forever is a vividly political and intensely personal vision of life and language pushed to the very limits.

“We are always told that things should be more, everything should be bigger, better, owned, ownable. Things should be forever even though nothing is.”

“Thomas Moore is one of the best writers the world has in stock.” -Dennis Cooper

Thomas Moore’s previous work include In Their Arms, When People Die, Small Talk at the Clinic (with Steven Purtill), and most recently the novel Alone, also published by Amphetamine Sulphate.

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