GABI LOSONCY – “Second Person” Chapbook


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“I have wanted, I think, sincerely but in futility, to make this book a sort of guide, a replicable guide for other people to direct their thoughts and feelings that are or feel worthless into a manifestable material substance, because I strongly wish for others to be able to direct their thoughts and feelings in a way that makes life worth living without facile stumbling blocks or with a feeling of non-manifestation or terror at death without production of substance, with the understanding that production of substance also involves an emotional exactitude that even most production does not do, but I am realizing that by my own standards such a book doesn’t speak to the total ductility of ideas that makes me feel so truly happy and comfortable and capable in relation to the world, and so to enforce such a concept on the book would be sort of sick.”

Stapled booklet. 44 pages. 8.5 x 5.5 in.

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