MANUEL PEREIRA – “Semiotics of Biblical Abomination” Zine


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First art publication on New Approach Books.

Manuel Pereira is a well known name for all lovers of brute collage art and in this new publication he, once again, provides us with a very well crafted selection of pieces, in his personal collage style, filled with dirty sexual tendencies, social chaos and anatomical studies mixed up in perfect disarmony with the mundane sense of beauty as only a master can achieve.

44 pages of pure rotten joy.

“An aborted cosmogony, plotless and without heroes, with no chance of neither order or redemption. Pictures in a static becoming. A cartographer who creates its own atlas, dysfunctional geography, fragmented into tumultuous continents. Time without narrative. Orifice-vortex.

Clotted islands adrift in the white surface, fruit the union between obsessions: a recollecting and a reorganizing one. Interpenetration of contents, formal dissolution and xerox levelling. Cut, scatological horizontality, paste. Form suspension. De-materialization of meaning towards the labyrinth of members, symbols and ornaments. Delirious geological body in an unobtainable little death.

The myth is inverted (order:chaos), forged and unrealized. Monstrous omega. Apocalypse cancelled.”

-André Coelho

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