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Edition of 100 professionally printed discs and wallet (includes download code)


Thoabath (Andrew Way) is an Oakland, CA based musician that has been active for decades.

Way has been involved in numerous projects such as; Sutekh Hexen, Maleficia, French Radio and Carrion.


Drown is Thoabath’s ninth release.


Through four tracks and fifty minutes the listener is transported to dense and dark negation.

Layer upon layer pushes deeper into a whirl of suffocating organized chaos.


“On my third round and still at a loss for words trying to describe it. Maybe death industrial

distilled to its essence and informed by bombed out 70s Berlin School electronics. Drown

couldn’t be a more appropriate title. It sounds like the last image I saw before drowning

when I was 5yrs old looking up from the bottom of the pool seeing two silhouettes rippling

in the water above. Don’t eat before swimming kids, listen to this album instead.”


-R. Jencks

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