THE HATERS x SISSY SPACEK – Multifactorial Dynamic Pathways CD


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Despite many collaborations among these artists over the years, this album represents the first proper meeting of The Haters and Sissy Spacek. Often stuttering around a particular sound source or technique, the tracks on this collaboration are partitioned into precise 10-minute increments for an orderly shifting palette.

Formed in 1979, The Haters have explored many forms of entropy over their span, continuously broadening their approach through various mediums including recorded works, conceptual performances, radio, and video. In 2019, The Haters celebrate their 40th anniversary.

Sissy Spacek (comprised of Charlie Mumma and John Wiese) celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2018, touring extensively throughout the United States and Japan, with a number of releases expositing their broad range, including a new grindcore album on Nuclear War Now! Productions, and experimental works on labels such as Gilgongo Records, New Forces, Dotsmark (Japan), and Daymare Recordings (Japan). They begin their 21st year with a series of collaborations with longtime friends.

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