SUTCLIFFE JUGEND – Slaves No More 2CD (Limited Edition)


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This double album connects the dots between Sutcliffe Jugend and Slaves No More (SNM), highlighting the transition from one to another. The decision to end Sutcliffe Jugend was officially announced in end 2019 and Slaves No More formed in early 2020. This release bridges the 2 acts and showcases the somewhat different music styles between them, especially from the former’s earlier power electronics sound. Consisting of material recorded right after S L A V E S was released back in 2016, this is the sequel to that release, albeit reduced to just 2 discs instead of the initial planned multiple discs (as a follow up) to S L A V E S 6xCD Boxset.

This release has been aptly titled Slaves No More for obvious reasons of paving the new direction of the band of the same name. Remnants of the earlier Sutcliffe Jugend style can be identified on Disc 1 with more vocals parts and noisy elements (especially in Noise Factory), and the slightly more ambient and complex soundscapes of Slaves No More (SNM) on Disc 2. Both discs contain unreleased material, and they continue to feature layers of noise and sound elements unique to the Sutcliffe Jugend style. With the release being reduced to just 2 discs, the recordings have been particularly curated to showcase the best tracks Kevin and Paul want to present as the final Sutcliffe Jugend release post S L A V E S. This release encapsulates the best and final Sutcliffe Jugend moments, and showcases that connective lead up from S L A V E S (the album) to an era of new sounds and creative direction, Slaves No More (SNM).

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