SPK – Live at the Crypt / London – April 25 1981 CD


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For the first time on CD, This is an authorised re-edition of the very first album by the band which was released as a tape on STERILE Records (the label run by Nigel Ayers / Nocturnal Emissions) in 1981.
Sounds on this CD was re-mastered by Nigel Ayers from the original tapes.

SPK was one of the very first “Industrial” projects, formed in 1978 by Greame Revell in Sydney – Australia.
SPK together with THROBBING GRISTLE, CABARET VOLTAIRE and few others gave birth to what is today known as Industrial music and this live album is to be considered an early industrial era document of primary value.

01. Berufsverbot 6:44
02. Emanation Machine R. Gie 1916
03. + Stammheim Torturkammer
+ Ground Zero : Infinity Dose
+ Serenace
+ John
04. Victim

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