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Essential works reflective of a desperate era from Brooklyn, New York’s Shredded Nerve. Hideous acts of material manipulation and threatening electronics, skillfully etched into fistfuls of magnetic tape, sculpted into monuments in memoriam to a collapsing Earth. Justin Lakes operates within a vast dynamic spectrum in which individual sonic elements coalesce and blossom into a howling, white hot mass, only to splinter apart and devolve into the nothingness from which they came. Explosive fits of violence are tamed and restrained with visionary composition, using a palette of various shades of black. “Acts of Betrayal” demonstrates a heightened comprehension and application of vile texture, combined in patterns and layers that yield tremendous power. All of the most rewarding undesirable sensations are present – bones scraped with surgeon’s instruments; toppling architecture; soul degradation; back alley flagellation, the clenched fist of a phantom limb. Maximum discontent manifested through mechanized anxiety. Relentless fury breeds dire exhaustion, oscillating back and forth in a cruel, infinite cycle. The repetition induces a state of catatonia, burnt down to the crutch until the ember melts your fingertips.

Justin Lakes operates within a personalized sound that has been developed over the years through passionate study and historical appreciation for the more extreme corners of Industrial Culture. Rather than limiting oneself by adhering to a strict purity, Shredded Nerve utilizes the most effective and tasteful elements of harsh noise, power electronics, concréte and industrial to exhibit a wholly original style that is versatile enough to express a broad range of concepts, without ever sacrificing vision or voice. Each new work shows an advancement from the last, never dwelling in one mode or falling victim to stagnancy, but constantly moving forward while still retaining the tools and achievements of the past. “Acts of Betrayal” is a testament to this; the world is a labyrinth and no one deserves to make it to the other side.
— Matthew Mayer

Edition of 300 CD copies in digipak. Artwork by John Pyle. Mastered by Eric Trude.

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