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Recorded November 2018 in Atwater Village, California, three tracks, two solo and one collaboration between Sewer System and USC.

The miniCD begins with Sewer System‘s “Unministeringing The Unhumanitariable Through The Utmostedmolesticled”, a solo track continuing Charlie Mumma’s polygonal approach to essential noise core, as each element of the track gels together Mumma’s actions on drums, bass, noise and vocals into smashing razor ice crystals into your face.

Track two “Excruciation Sessions For Noisecore Spread” a collaboration of Sewer System and USC in the trademark vein of a Sewer System composition with noncommissioned, unhinged freak out results.

Final track; Unsustainable Social Condition continues in its current style with a pure harsh noise shower of aural harassment .

Original Artwork by the unquestioned genius of Woo Young.

Recommend for any fan of Penis Geyser and Nikudorei.
This is the second in a series of minCDr releases focusing noisecore for Shin Oxen.
miniCD (total run time 15:39)

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