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Cava xi.xi.86 was a concept album split into two parts, side 1 formerly called gravi tracks 1-4 and side 2 le ghiaie tracks 5-7. / Mixed at the stanza delle uova (1987) using a (4+4) multi-track system. / Two more compositions have been added to this reissue: / Track 8 (cube version of gravi) and track 9 (with a little help from l’orchestra dei becchi di Fuji), both of them using ’86/’87 archive sessions, re-worked and digitally mixed at my ground floor studio (2019). / Re-mastered from the original tapes. / All material recorded from November 1986 to April 1987 at the laboratory and its surroundings. / sound sources : clothes horse, metal ladders, pipes, welded wire mesh, railing, metal cans, occluders, muffles, clamps, springs, mandrels, drill bits, wrenches, hacksaws and unidentified objects; processed field recordings, via sistiana’s hammers ad venetian blinds, and trains; hi & lo-fi speakers and microphones, handheld cassette players and recorders. / Thanks to Ron Lessard since 1988 and Sébastien for his hospitality.

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