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Industrial Recollections idea was to reissue sold out items, most often tapes, that Freak Animal felt necessary to reissue, but didn’t want to make main label discography too fragmented. Many such an small and obscure releases, that they are unlikely to be released by almost anybody else. Unlike plenty of releases that have already existing cult status and following – and therefore potential market.

What exactly is “industrial” and what exactly constitutes “old enough” to warrant reissue, is very loose concept. Under Industrial Recollections label has happened reissues from 80’s and 90’s. Musically, anything vaguely rooted to traditions of industrial. From industrial noise to power electronics and experimental works.

Now, with Encephalophonic tape re-issues, IR takes quite a big leap forward. It has been question I have been pondering – why would one need to wait 20 or 30 years to validate necessity of reissue?

2010-2011 when these early Encephalophonic tapes were done, is yet to reach even 10 years anniversary. Yet being unavailable for long and debut tape being nearly impossible to get even when it came out, to me, it was very clear that I rather put out 8 year old great noise tape, than remain too fixed to idea to only dig the long gone history.

Encephalophonic as project is still very much active. It has progressed from early days, yet the core remains the same. What makes me consider Encephalophonic fit to industrial tradition is its content. Dark and abusive nature of recordings set it far away from heart warming jams and free-noise energy blasts. Of course, there is energy and ripping power, but it is razor sharp, cold and cruel and filled with destructive feel. Combined with negative feel of sound samples emerging between some tracks, band steps away from usual spirit known from Japanese harsh noise. While music nods towards masters of Japanese noise, Kazumoto Endo, Pain Jerk and such, Encephalophonic stays away from contemporary cut-up in means of technological methods. Lack of post-production and computer editing, keeps sound of physical and full of flesh and blood.

Double CD with booklet including reproductions of all original artworks of tapes and added sleaze.

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