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Black Rose Recordings are proud to present a collection of rare and unreleased tracks by the influential English
experimental group Contrastate. This follows on from the sold-out compilation “False fangs for old werewolves”
showcasing a dark ambient realm of spoken and sung soliloquies, driven machinery, evolving drones
and electronic minimalism to create juxtaposing imagery and dreamlike landscapes. This release is presented in a
beautiful gatefold CD cover with a four-page booklet containing detailed (mis)information on the history of each
of the tracks.
Active from the late 1980s through to the present day Contrastate provide a sonic soundtrack to a hypnotic world
full of dynamic sounds and emotional shifts. Their sound insinuates itself somewhere inside the dark ritual
ambience of the electronic avant-garde shot through with a vein of experimental noise and sarcophetic vocals
strewn amongst industrial surrealism.
“This is a fine showcase of what this band is all about. If it is the name you heard but have no idea about the
music, then this could serve as a very good introduction.” Vital weekly 1258

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