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In the works for 11 years and a lifetime ago, the new Cages album is finally released. Nola Ranallo & David Bailey began work on this group of songs in 2007, shortly after the completion of “Folding Space”. After various setbacks and peculiarities, the duo began to revisit the material with the brilliance of cellist TJ Borden. TJ performed these songs live and wrote accompanying arrangements for string quintet. These string recordings were further stretched, mangled, and overlaid upon the original compositions, often times compelling us to re-work the initial song the new material was based upon. This process became an interesting spiral that grew hard to tell where it ended or began. Recorded over the past 10 years and featuring a poly-fi weaving of numerous live recordings and studio sessions, this release features our strongest material to date. Featuring the incredible talents of TJ Borden, Katie Weissman, David Adamczyk, Evan Courtin, Kyle Kresge, Mark Kedzierski, Juini Booth, Jon Mueller, Megan Kyle, Patrick Bolger, Joseph LoCicero, Mari Jones, Nick Jones, Vicente Rondon, and Justin Allan Kern. Limited to 200 copies.

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