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The second release in an ongoing series. Passing Rumor began with an artist being asked to write an intended first piece for this compilation. That piece was then passed to a second artist to create a following/response track, and so on. The artist that ended the compilation, while aware they would be providing the final track, was intentionally not shown how the narrative began.

Some artists chose to sample or use pieces of the song that preceded theirs while others chose to record something drastically different from the one that they received. Curated with both flow and dynamics in mind, the results are presented here just as they emerged. This process, while naturally time-consuming, has rewarded us with a collection of songs flowing in and out of one another, more like a conceptual EP than a variety sampler. An experiment in progression, half-sighted collaboration, and artistic interpretation.

Contributors for this volume are, in order of succession,

Movement I:
Winter Ritual

Movement II:
Sterile Garden
No Dreams
Shredded Nerve

c40 , 100 copies made

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