THE RITA / GAMIANI – Semenyaka Toe Box / De Saint-Ange Thigh High CS


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(Description by Miguel Perez)
The Rita has been since the late 90’s a big institution on how static noise has to be done. Obsession, focus and individuality are the main characteristics of Sam McKinlay’s body of work. Sharks, WWII Divers, Guns, BA/KU Skaters, Nylons, Flappers, Makeup and currently ballerina feet and positions (among others), are some of the themes recurrent to his releases. This time the ballerina toe obsessions lies and focus on the soviet Ludmila Semenyaka toes and movements. All thru the clinic development of static and textures created from a deep study of the subject matter. The textures are always changing and barely this can be classified as motionless HNW. Coming from The Rita you will always be subject to many images in constant flow and movement. Fascinating for any fan of his work and a great starting point if you don’t have a clue about who The Rita is. While Gamiani from Sweden’s Johan Strömvall Hammarstedt (who also is responsible for the long running Ominous Recordings and has been bringing a lot of fresh air into the recurring theme of nylon obsessed HNW). This time he offers a track of cascading static that is unstoppable and fierce. It is a great companion to the Rita track since the static development is not stationary or saturated. The exploration of waves and subtilities makes this ride a very enjoyable one. The feel of darkness, nylon and purity of obsession are there and it feels as a great addition to his growing body of work. Another ace work from a great act. C20 limited to 100 copies in a ziplock bag.

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