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As “Sunk Heaven” represents the meeting contradiction of the heavens dragged down in ruin, “Apex Plummet” zeros in on the meeting point of opposite extremes. “Apex Plummet” is collapsing in its leap into the abyss. In its aftermath, the colonial ruin, societal collapse and rot inevitability wash over the sonic jagged flats of each track.

Go over and over it, for the arrow’s sake, cut through the thick air

down a green granite stair, up slums ladder, tongue rotted out in slow gold

from so far away, it was carried out to plan, how could I know that this was it?

devote to run you’re free to run to the border’s sea you erode with every step

me? I’m just one of your sons from the treaty line, that you’ll never meet

hanging from the balcony, the fall of palms just at my feet, how could I know that this was it? how could I miss?

Sunk Heaven is the sound and performance based solo project of Austin Sley Julian, who also performs in the contemporary no-wavish band Sediment Club, based out of New York City. Sunk Heaven is building and breaking instruments to construct a temporary outcry, sunk deep into a metallic disfigurement.

Edition of 100

Recorded by Sunk Heaven
Mastered by Evin Huguenin
Cover Art by Rachel Uhlir

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