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Sore Dream is the result of a toxic discourse that exists between mankind and the environment we inhabit. It is a constant reminder that we destroyed a planet that was never inherently ours to begin with, and replaced it with an industrial hellscape that only guarantees an abysmal outcome. We have already plunged headfirst into a world that was thought by some to be nothing more than hysterical raving, and by others to be the nightmare that has left them tossing and turning at night.

While Sore Dream’s core duo of Spencer Hazard & Dylan Walker have more than proven themselves as champions of extreme music (see: Full of Hell, Eye Flys, Ramuh, Sightless Pit etc.), the feelings of peaceful comfort & total distress being simultaneously comes across as totally new and exciting ground from them. Lush synth loops & field recordings, which are reminiscent of the finer moments from Eno or Aphex Twin’s bodies of work, are juxtaposed by blasts of harsh synths and junk metal that would make any fan of the cut-up noise style more than satisfied. While many debuts come out with a distinct lack of concept or sound, this group introduces itself with the poise and attack that usually only comes from the most seasoned veterans of the genre. Sore Dream is an act that any experimental/noise enthusiast should start keeping an eye on from this point forward.

Limited Edition of 150 white cassettes.

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