SOMETHING VILE – Suicide Souvenir CS


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After a random discovery on Bandcamp I kept returning to the dirty, rhythmic synth noise of Something Vile. An unknown project to me at the time that turned out to be the brainchild of Alex Ford, a restless soul spinning his own web in a dark corner of the noise, industrial & power electronics scene. Operating his label, Deathbed Tapes while using different monikers for his own musical output.

For his latest release he produced a mixture of primitive, distorted beats and layers of screeching noise to create an intense experience that feels like being hit in the face with a sledgehammer, leaving you knocked down on the floor begging for more. Pure bummed out lo-fi industrial using analog drum machines and FM synthesis through fuzz pedals and bit crushers. Sounds like SPK and Maurizio Bianchi going back in time to perform at a caveman ritual.

75 copies, with handmade slipcase and a numbered insert.

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