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Originally released on Prion Tapes in 1988, this cassette by prolific Frankfurt-based industrial act SOLANACEAE TAU captures the group at a point in refining their signature sparse, troubling sound architecture that melds anarchist-communist anti-art, critique of German mass-cultural psychology and the suffocation of nightmarish cybernetic dystopias. Here presented faithfully using scans of the original artwork and audio masters (with slightly updated layout and design), one is able to witness Solanaceae Tau’s melding of piston-driven rhythmic noise, angular punk scrapings and somber trance-state spoken word into a syncretic anti-music that draws daggers with the liberal fantasies of West German society and it’s sterile ambitions.

Recorded in Frankfurt, 1988 by Solanaceae Tau at Nihilistick Noise Laboratorium. Originally Released on Prion Tapes. Gracious thanks to Solanaceae Tau for allowing this reissue of their beautiful work.Original art by Solanaceae Tau. Additional thanks to Abdallah Siblani and Shane English. Layout by Seith Communiti, digital print on heavy card stock by Outlandish Press. Limited to 50 physical copies.

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