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Skin Graft is one of the defining American noise artists, uniquely able to capture the decay and misery that blooms in the post-industrial wastelands of the United States. Frequently imitated but never matched, Wyatt Howland’s bleak sonic approach was developed across a series of hard-to-find tapes and CDrs in the mid-2000’s. “Aggregation” sets out to document Skin Graft’s development, collecting 18 long-sold-out releases and presenting them on four 90-minute cassettes, packaged in a vinyl case with two inserts. Classic releases such as “Chernobyl,” “Soft Police Murder,” and “Nero Soul” receive long-awaited reissues, an excellent gateway into Skin Graft’s blend of junk metal abuse, crude electronics, bleak field recordings, and angry static discharges. The perfect soundtrack for this sinking ship.

Includes: Chernobyl, Clinic, 8/7/10, Soft Police Murder, Alcohol, Cleveland Noise Compilation 2010, Corpse Abuse Split, Split with Greenlander, Crippling, Terminal Alcoholic, Beg, NTC, Untitled 2007, Balance/d, Nero Soul, 440 HZ On Horse Neck, Public Displays of Loathing and Disgust, and Crippling.

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