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The undisputed master of the US harsh noise underground returns with his trademark speaker abuse.

Hands on the wheel, eyes on the road.

The quality of Skin Graft’s feedback is instantly recognizable, at once bringing the listener to a state of white-knuckle tension. When the wall of distortion finally does hit, it’s with full momentum. But the force behind this behemoth is not stand-still uncaring HNW, not a crackling void. It’s the sound of the wall crumbling from above, pummeling you over and over, a piece at a time.

The second side opens with a distant view of the crashes of the first. Like watching a storm from far away, or even above, immersed in serene feedback before slamming back into the fray. Never a dull moment. This encounter serves as a reminder of how Skin Graft continues to invigorate the harsh noise genre. The level of tension and release engulfs the listener and removes any notion of this being a passive experience. Once you press play, you are a part of the event.

c20, 100 copies made

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