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‘Noise’ as it has come to be known has reached an apex. Or perhaps more accurately, has surpassed its apex. The forms, traditions, and expectations inherent in abstract sound design / abuse have been beyond established, and now promptly shattered. No longer is it unknown or shocking to hear blasts of harsh, destroyed audio or obfuscated sample manipulation – Even mainstream artists and film makers use and abuse these devices to near expert-pop level proficiency at times. Thankfully, artists such as Sissy Spacek pay these trends, forms, and expectations absolutely no mind- and have in quite respectively in their own way been a large leading force in the transcendence of what ‘is’ noise / avant-garde sound today. Completely unhinged, yet under absolute control, Gong spews forth a myriad of highly listenable, intricate, and at times painful, serene, and beautifully deranged sonic territories – The sounds of a buried and rusted grindcore drenched free improv group being ripped apart by a trash compactor. Ancient decayed tape music juxtaposed against maximum fidelity blasts and beyond focused micro edits that expose every free-form accident and intended artifact in a glorious cacophony surpassing anything presented before in such a realm. Noise is finally free. -BH

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