SECTIONED – Intimacy After Colon and Rectum Removal CS + Zine


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Sectioned is a newer in house BPP project… It is a subproject of Concave / Convex .. This release is their second album.. Previously Sectioned dealt with anorexics who had gained the important status of needing a nasogastric feeding tube..

This latest release is about the intersection between social media and those with a specific illness identity.. The reasons people get a stoma or colon / rectum removal are varied but this album focuses on those who choose to obsessively share their story with the public.. Some have genuine health issues and some get the stoma for other delicate and hidden reasons beyond simple illness. At times it can be impossible to tell the difference.. The body is a complex machine, and some “support” communities can be a destructive incubator for those who are in search of meaning in the removal of their insides and the creation of a new hole to photograph..

This is one of our favorite releases to have created.

Each cassette comes with a 20 page booklet and is packaged in a brand new unused colostomy bag

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