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Found Remains proudly presents the reissue of Sacramence’s 2017 EP, Tantrum.

Quickly following Sacramence’s split release with artist Altered Form, Tantrum was released by Scottish label Clan Destine Records. Tantrum was an unique release as it crafted the ominous soundscapes of the split into fully formed songs of beat driven melancholy such as the magnificent lead track, “D.S.T.”

Tantrum also marked the definite departure from the industrial palette of Lovers Seek Dominance, Sacramence’s 2016 debut album. The artist wasn’t reinventing himself with Tantrum, but rather building upon previous releases and taking the sound and image of Sacramence into its next phase. This way of working of course led to the excellent Cremations album released by Found Remains in late 2017.

Now in 2018, Sacramence and Found Remains have decided to once again collaborate and reissue Tantrum to a wider audience with the EP completely remastered by the artist. New artwork also adorns the cover of Tantrum showcasing the now iconic black and white film photography from Found Remains. Tantrum has never sounded better, as the artist declares this reissue to be the definite version!

Both Sacramence and Found Remains aren’t ones to solely revel in the past, so two new songs recorded in 2018 have been added to the B side of Tantrum. These songs represent the sound of Sacramence now, showcasing the artist delving further into the techno realm but losing none of the allure and ingenuity for creating a mood. As a whole, this reissue of Tantrum is a perfect example of how Sacramence refuses to play it safe creatively and to further push the project into the unknown.

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