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Kate Rissiek’s work as Rusalka exhibits an amount of control that should induce nothing but awe, and her patience is unmatched as she explores a sound palette typically not heard in contemporary harsh noise. Utilizing the theremin in ways far from the usual, an unnerving low-end builds an increasingly tense atmosphere that is shattered with washes of high pitches and crumbling textures. While the two pieces still whip you into a debilitating state of hypnosis akin to her previous works, “A Breath In Shadows” presents a bit more movement than the material from recent standout releases, namely “Revisualizations” on New Forces and her splits with MK9 and The Rita on Neural Operations. Over the course of 20 minutes layer upon layer is peeled back in a way which fully immerses you in the experience; this is not some casual listening bullshit you put on in the background and forget about. It is impossible not to be drawn into the space created between each side of “Flux A and B”, with the aptly titled “Dreams Of Our Possible Worlds” offering an even more unsettling set of piercing drones than it’s companion. Crawling at a slower pace, an intoxicating ringing left in your ears renders you unwilling and unable to break away. The quality throughout comes at no surprise as Rusalka is definitively one of the best projects currently active in North American harsh noise. There are no regurgitated, tired, or overused themes found here, only a unique take on the depths that many strive for and often fail to achieve. This tape is an absolute grip, and you will feel like a complete and total fucking asshole if you miss out.

– Matt Boettke

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