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Obsidian Needles’ Coronal Mass Ejection is a driving and lascivious listen. There’s something reminiscent about listening to a record this overtly sexual; a parted-lipped nod to an earlier, less complicated kind of sexual politics. Clare S takes this well-trod subject matter and sublimates it throughout the panting, breathless totality of the tape.

Coronal Mass Ejection is a concise expression of a femme experience that’s both vulnerable contextually while sonically inarguably one of the most muscular and brutal things we’ve released this year. This juxtaposition is worth spending some time on. As a puritanical streak in discourse grows stronger, there’s been a narrowing of spaces for this sort of music. This release makes a case for more room for deviance, and it’s a strong one.


Edition of 100.

Includes full-color 4-panel j-card and cassette applicator.

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