MOLASSES – Parasomnia CS


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6 tracks (at 1 7/8 ips, nominally) of words and voltages run through different traces. Not so much an entirely seperate entity, but something approximating it, enough to suggest one in broad brushstrokes, very loudly. Open the dual bands up to 20khz – little variations in the noise. Lines extended downwards endlessly, sounding like ringing bells, but without the strike. You can probably pick up small elements, little scribbles about as big as a fly, that remind you of 6 years old, so far away. Some of the tracks open up rooms that don’t exist – “at the same time” they’re easily visualized. For a moment I give credence to the idea that my memories really do emit from my head (range of vhf to uhf, ghz range I bet). The idea that I’m listening to the air introduce artifacts to them.

I know if I flip the switch on the upconverter, I’ll be back here.

That’s okay.

I flip the switch.

-Brandon Hurtado

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