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In keeping with the Coroner’s practice of full disclosure, availability, and eternal tape disbursement, a second edition of Time Maligned is now available. All the same audio content as the first edition along with a full credit contributor list at a reduced size and cost in a standard norelco:

The first official ‘studio’ offering from Magnetic Coroner. Shortly after the project began, an open call was put out asking anyone with unwanted tape fragments of any kind to send them to the Coroner for reuse in an ongoing collaborative experiment. Old cassettes, 1/4″ spools, loops and microcassettes were gradually mailed in from across the globe and manipulated into combined live works. The live sets were recorded and released as tapes with each contributor receiving a copy where they were properly credited. Since the project’s inception in July of 2017, there have been 12 live performances and as a result, 12 tapes released of those recordings, often with a b-side pairing of a revision, rehearsal, or a finished companion track.

Time Maligned, however, is a far more refined effort. This release is the culmination of 90% submitted source material, true to the original intention with little of the Coroner’s own voice in the mix. Tapes have been mangled, distorted, looped, sped up, slowed down, and delayed. The process is an ongoing challenge, an experiment by nature. These six tracks are some of the first complete results. Varying styles stretch across the 34 minute tape but with clearly defined structure, part of a greater whole. Over a year went into editing Time Maligned for it to become the album it now is: a shared meal of unease, serenity, violence, and repetition.

MC self-released c34
2nd edition of 50 hand-stamped and numbered copies
Includes original ‘ad’ insert

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