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An excellent meeting between gods of Western Massachusetts.

“This tape is about a car accident. For a minute in March 2019, I thought I was going to die or feel myself shatter while a car exploded around me and I flew through the air. By the time I crawled out of the remains of my hatchback, I was delirious with the survival high of someone who narrowly dodged something gruesome. But as the adrenaline faded, I was left with an aching pain and torturous anxiety from the experience – flashbacks to the moment of impact, obsessively noting potential threats, imagining phantom accidents flinging me into new peril at every step. Playing with Dan and finding a place for the lyrics I wrote about what I went through and am going through still was an important moment in the process of moving forward. It was something so random, so violent, and so stupid. It’s hard to read what I wrote about it now, but it’s better to have it on the page than churning around inside. Cars, likely for worse, are a seemingly intractable part of the American identity. The kind of thoughtless violence we are capable of is maybe best exemplified by an accident like this. Someone just didn’t pay attention, didn’t care, didn’t think about the people around him. It changed my life forever. I’m trying to not be like that in my new, second life now. I’m optimistic.” Josh Landes

Recorded April 13th 2019 at Cold Spring Hollow.

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