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Bloodletting is how Krovopuskanie translates from Russian, the native tongue of the man behind this project of morose electronics and death-industrial gloom. He asked to remain “half anonymously,” and we’ll comply with that request, as he finds much of his personal life trivial when compared to the existential torpor his work speaks through: mental illness, self-destruction, suidical ideation, and emptiness. He is also a visual artist, working across a number of media, but often returning to thick chunks of paint and gauze with ghastly collage elements that all reference the human body torn asunder, all through a lens of clinical detachment.

That experiential vacancy, that focus on our teleological demise is also central to Krovopuskanie’s sound design, first heard in 2020 on a small edition from Deathbed Tapes. Rumbling drones, static transmissions of synth noise, distant knockings in abandoned spaces, a lone drum machine, something growling, something lurking; all of these haunt the oppressive atmosphere to Krovopuskanie’s debut for Helen Scarsdale. A grim, bleak, and often sad recording, Goner should find favor alongside Yen Pox, Subklinik, Brighter Death Now, and Lustmord’s Paradise Disowned.

Mastered by Grant Richardson.

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