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Having created Harsh Noise under the POTIER moniker for about a decade, K.M. Toepfer has switched its approach to a conceptually denser yet equally satisfying array of sonic experiments inspired by Glitch Art, importing the rhythms, patterns and cycles of graphic abstraction – that he uses on the visuals on his own Lead Lozenges label as well as on self-released zines – unto the sound field.

Unpolished but intricate, this is a more intellectualized but not a sterile exercise. It provides rewarding audial results by exploring the complexity of communication when its tools and devices are reconfigured, obstructing the perception and, as so, dealing with the unpredictable responses of the systems to this internal disorder.

Largely overlooked, and one of the finest most consistently personal research around sound in its multiple ramifications, K.M. Toepfer is one of the most daring explorers in current worldwide underground and “Interrupt” is no exception to that demanding path.

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