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If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to step into the consciousness of a sentient 3D printer look no further. Joe Mygan weaves sparse fragments of found sound into a tapestry of auditory artifacts that immerse the listener in a foreign realm that is simultaneously structured and chaotic. Pseudo grooves float in and out of stereo space, at times enveloping ones mind in a warm alien womb, and at other times becoming entangled in what feels like a massive floating island of plastic waste in the pacific ocean. While this unseen land of sound does feel foreign there can be an uncanny valley effect, vague intuitions connecting grains of sound to fuzzy childhood memories of TV commercials and other cognitive fragments just out of reach. The beautiful thing about this album is that while its content is no doubt extremely abstract, underlying structures become apparent that give each track a distinct feeling of being a “song”, but exactly how this phenomena emerges remains elusive.

-Patrick Chaney

Joe Mygan is a human living in Massachusetts who creates sonic and visual experiences.

Dedicated to J.M. and L.M.
Recorded in Northampton, MA in early 2019
Sounds: Joe Mygan
Album Art: Brenna Murphy
Mastering: Patrick Chaney

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