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For the past few years Ian Sherlock had been quietly writing and performing shows at his house venue in Syracuse, Additional Space, under the name of Dearheart. The releases under this previous moniker have been brief and limited, always with the hint of more to come.

With ‘Approach’ Ian has honed his stark ambience into two expanses, both subtly overpowering. Fitting well within the title theme, Marking 1 embodies the feeling of braving the elements to reach an unseen goal. This shroud of a piece offers no reprieve. Surprisingly, we find Marking 2 to be the exact opposite. The listener is presented with reassuring ambience as a reward, calming and bright. The contrast is welcome and is easily seen as a different side of the same coin rather than two competing styles.

‘Approach’ perfectly encompasses the experience of a harrowing journey, and destination as relief.

c22, 40 copies made

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