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We are excited to present the much-needed reissue of forgotten harsh noise opus “Demiurge” by Hive. Originally released in 1995 on Plague In Perspective, Demiurge is a monumental double cassette outing of intense 90’s American noise that has an especially unique palette of sounds, preventing it from being pigeonholed into any of the various sub-genres of noise that have sprouted up since. Hive is the solo project of Nikolaus Weisend, most notable as one half of 90’s American noise duo Blister Pack, splitting noise efforts with Emerson Murray who also operated the Plague In Perspective label. Demiurge was the only release under the Hive moniker, which might be fitting considering the sonic impact it has on the listener. Stuttering pulses constantly rip and tear throughout the two cassettes, never giving the listener any breaks throughout the 180-minute endurance test. Even to the most seasoned connoisseur of harsh noise, it is evident that the extreme noise delivered on Demiurge is strange, almost alien-sounding compared to contemporaries of the time it was released, and at the present. Oddly, it was discovered there was a publishing error with the original version, which was featured as a c10+c90 set. Now, we are happy to present the unheard 2xc90 version as it was originally intended. Edition of 100 copies.

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