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History of Leather’s “Digging In” reveals P.F. of Velvet Curtain and R.F. of Hanging lichen’s vantage of Midwestern culture as seen through the eyes of Chicago.

After two self released demos, this third cassette shows a more focused display of their strengths spanning the roughly 2 year duration of the project. It exhibits powerful contextual development and hones in on the rawness of drama unfolding. On both sides of this tape, wonderful use of treble and active panning are utilized to dominate the space created by more static loops and reverberant sound-scapes.

The duo employ carefully placed crumbling textures and nervous metal creaks juxtaposed with serene field records and more soothing synth beds to create a flowing atmosphere that invokes both dread and calm. Soothing air contrasted starkly against a referential racket. Anxious at times, peacefully longing at others, the entire duration of “Digging In” finds use of similar sounds and tones in a wide, but not excessive sound pallet -suddenly altered to unfold a dynamically shifting narrative. Stuttering sounds and groaning hinges that introduce themselves initially as menacing will disappear only to return again with an entirely different intention; tinging the more tranquil spaces with an ominous air to the observant listener. It is this quality, and longer B-side that will beg an immediate re-listen.

-Grant Richardson (Gnawed)

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