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frozenlake121 is Edmonton-based musician and writer Andrew Hall (also known as the rhythm-section of jazz-skronk outliers Heavy Beak).
On Innercom, Hall presents a radical approach to improvised music involving discarded office intercom units as his only instruments. This release captures raw,
crude feedback interactions between these devices. Sounds that resemble tortured woodwind instruments intersect with tinny, grating static bursts. Bleeps unlock rattles and hiss. Sustained, yet shifting waves of atonal debris wash over the confused listener. Make no mistake, seldom has a release inhabited a more narrow, primitive and almost nonsensical space. The absence of low frequencies makes it feel like frozenlake121 is attempting to drill into the listener’s skull to release the built up pressure of office life. Innercom is a statement piece on a long since lost inner calm and the absurdity of a tiny speaker screaming into the face of a cubicle-inhabitant that is way too fond of the fumes of the computer duster. Double the dose by flipping the tape.

Listen to a sample from this release here.

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