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Frataxin’s latest self-titled is not a release to be ignored. It presents the listener with the exact same environment of the artist, that of ultimate confrontation. It is almost nihilistic in sound, given how alienating it is to be in the presence of such controlled harshness and forced exposure to noise and decrepitude. At no point should anyone feel bored, or as if Frataxin is repeating himself, on this release; unless they are scene tourists without a comprehension of the complexity and aggression it takes to compose something of this nature.

It is no surprise that No Rent Records has chosen this 20 minutes of material from Frataxin for their first collaboration. It is reminiscent of the early sounds that made the Finnish scene so enjoyable and what makes those sounds still enjoyable today. In addition, it is clear that Frataxin took his time with this release, as the mixing and mastering is as crisp as one could hope for. You can also feel the analog assault being unleashed during the recordings, almost being able to feel each emotional and abrupt manipulation before it even occurs.

Finally, it is the vocals on this release that truly distinguish this Frataxin release from lesser quality counterparts, as it is used a sharp instrument to convey deeply personal and reflective concepts. Fortunately, these ideas are not difficult to identify with, making the material not subject to recent failings of artist placing their personal life experiences above actually materializing a thought provoking composition.

Whether you are in this shit for the heavy electronics, or the noise, you are sure to get an equal dose of both from Frataxin – Frataxin.

– Vrej Ovanessian

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