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I remember playing a fest in either 2018 or 2019 and there was this buzz about Feedback Queen’s set before it started. I had always been a big fan of what Vee had been doing so I wasn’t surprised but there was clearly something different that night that other people knew about. The energy wasn’t lost, in fact there was more of it. In addition, the sound Vee was working on was more focused. You could tell she had an image in her mind. More shows happened and the sets got better and better. I was antsy to see what her recordings were going to sound like, especially when Covid-19 took away the availability to see a lot of my friends perform live. “Anti-Music Brigade” is a full-on synth noise assault that is as strong as it is unrelenting. Vee’s focus on her craft is realized in these recordings and there is never a dull moment. I think the album nods at a lot of national and international performers but it is also a passing-of-the-torch of sorts, hinting at locals like Noise Nomads, Belltone Suicide, Diagram A and many others. What’s even more exciting is knowing this is just the beginning of something even bigger.

-Nico Tracy

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