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For those in need of an introduction, Donna Parker is the long-running solo project of Mary Staubitz of Massachusetts. She has been playing live, touring and recording under the moniker for nearly 20 years as a staple of the Northeast. She and Russ Waterhouse have been also been responsible for the rather prolific curation of “Distant Duos” on bandcamp. The ongoing series features the pairing of two noise/experimental musicians together to create blind, vignette-like compositions.

In the Woods, Not Alone is a short but intense ride through Staubitz’s signature feedback manipulation. Whether it’s throbbing, pedal-effected pulses or the chaos of pitch-shifted static, each piece tears full bore at the speakers. The most striking thing here is how intensely dynamic this release is while maintaining a minimalist approach. In the Woods is short, sweet and varied while capturing all the intensity and fun of a live show. Further proof that less is more and that finesse of the hand on the controls is what makes for a great tape.

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